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Leo Needs Bowel Surgery


I’ve created a fundraiser for my cat, Leo. He is having bowel surgery tomorrow to repair his rectum, which was damaged by an abscess he got as a result of a cat bite. He has a hole in his rectum.

The vet doesn’t know if she can repair it. If she can’t, he needs to see a specialist. I am only asking for donations for the initial vet bill, whether or not the surgery is successful.

The initial estimate was $400, but because he needs surgery, it went up to $1,300. He’s only a year and a half old. I want him to get better.

I am disabled and I’ve been getting SSDI for a long time. It’s not enough to live off of. If I could afford the whole bill, then I wouldn’t be asking for help. I am also 12 weeks pregnant and I have no idea how my illnesses are going to affect my pregnancy.

Please signal boost/reblog, and spread the word. And to anyone who donates, thank you so much. Every dollar counts.

So this is kind of important. hosts tens of thousands of screencaps for people to use for non-commercial use and HBO has filed a DMCA claim against them for putting up caps of Game of Thrones and True Blood.  This potentially means ANY network can file against ANYONE who screencaps a show (WHICH MEANS AHS), so sign the petition and help get the DMCA removed.

eta: go to for the petition link :)


O’Hare offered a few tantalizing hints to Vulture, specifically, “I’m going to be working at cross-purposes with [Jessica Lange’s character]. We’ll have lots of scenes with each other, but we’ll be battling.” Guesting in at least 10 episodes this season, O’Hare also offered that the character would be “a collector of freaks,” rather than one of the titular brood.


New American Horror Story necklaces are up!  I’ve really fallen in love with this show and wanted to make something I could wear so what better than the character’s names?

You can buy them individually for $11 OR during February only you can buy all three for $28.

LOOOL so Fox just got my AHS listings deactivated for copyright.  I s2g this week ..

I’m putting off posting stuff until I get all this health care bs under control.  It’s driving me insane and I’m just so frustrated with everything ugh

I’m constantly torn between the ‘be kind to everyone’ and the ‘fuck everyone you owe them nothing’ mentalities 

"…The Baby is upstairs and waiting for you in the nursery…"

Lily Rabe as Nora Montgomery [16/?]